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Tugunora is a blend-word formed from the ancient Greek term agora, a public space for assembly and discussion, and the Burkinabè word tuguna, the traditional gathering space in Western African villages, where the elders come together to confer regarding important matters of the community.

While the agora is an open space, the tuguna is often built from a round log structure which carries a roof of woven leaves. Kéré integrated both characteristics in the Talks Theater which is designed as a landscape that consists of several modular, wooden seating elements of different heights, surrounding the speakers’ podium which is covered by a canopy of lamps.

Combining the elders’ practice with the public assembly aspect of the agora, the Talks Theater is supposed to be an inviting place of exchange and of dialogue, a place that generates knowledge and fosters the current discourse on design.

Tugunora was commissioned by Therme Group™ as a site-specific theater environment for the Miami installment of their Therme Forum talks series during Design Miami/ in December 2018. Following Design Miami/, the Tugunora was moved to its permanent location at 4141 Design in the Miami Design District.

STATUS: Temporary Exhibition

SITE: Therme Forum at Design Miami/, Miami Beach /USA

SIZE: 200 sqm

CLIENT: Therme Group™